Grant proposals are reviewed at the May (deadline April 15th.) and November (deadline October 15th.) board meetings


SMCF Grant Policy

The board of directors of SMCF agreed that preservation of its endowment is a basic general goal in planning its “giving” strategy.

In general, the board agreed to aim for diversity in its gifts making a greater number of modest grants rather than a few substantial ones. The board also encourages matching grants to augment and encourage fund-raising by charities requesting grant assistance.

The Board agreed that SMCF would not make grants to other 501-(c)-3 organizations nor to government agencies. Generally, we would not support “long-term” commitments, preferring annual awards with the possibility of renewal. SMCF grants are not available for operating expenses, salaries and grants do not usually include pilot programs. The Board encourages matching grant applications.

Grants Available to Qualified Charities

SMCF awards grants from its own treasury two times a year, at the May and November board meetings to deserving and qualified Mexican charities. These are, of course, in addition to donations made by individuals and groups to specific non-profit charities, or pass-through donations.

To qualify for grant consideration, the proposals must be written, no more than two single-spaced typed sheets, with eight copies provided to the SMCF office prior to the deadline for each grant period. Please contact the SMCF aministrator for deadline information or with any questions. The charity must be located and operating within the geographic area recognized as the Municipality of Allende. The organization must also comply with “full transparency” in its operation providing the SMCF office with a copy of the charity’s A.C., list of board members and a full financial statement for the current operating year. Within 30 days upon the expenditure of the grant money, the grantee (recipient) must file with SMCF a full and complete accounting of where and how the money was spent. Failure to meet these requirements will result in not qualifying for future grants.

The board recognizes that these considerations are guidelines and circumstances may present a unique situation in which SMCF would wish to deviate from these guidelines.

Please note: We do not award grants directly to individuals.


San Miguel Community Foundation since year 2004 has made donations from its own treasury to the following deserving Mexican non-profit groups. This is in addition to donations made by individuals and groups to specific charities or pass through donations.

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