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Thank you, San Miguel Community Foundation, for the extremely generous grant which funded our new gas anesthesia machine. We are very pleased that this anesthesia system is now available for surgeries performed at the S.P.A.

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Addie Coral Romero Joins San Miguel Community Foundation

Addie Coral Romero becomes the newest member to join the eight-person Board of Directors for the nonprofit San Miguel Community Foundation.

Addie Coral Romero becomes the newest member to join the eight-person Board of Directors for the nonprofit San Miguel Community Foundation.

Addie Coral Romero Joins San Miguel Community Foundation Board
By Gregory Gunter

The San Miguel Community Foundation boasts the tag line “We Live Here, We Give Here,” and in keeping with that tradition, the foundation constantly strives to expand its Board with active, bicultural local full-time residents of San Miguel.

Their newest addition to theBoard of Directors, Addie Coral Romero, proves a perfect match for all those qualifications! Originally from Puerto Rico and clearly fluent in Spanish, Addie has been a proven businesswoman and resident of San Miguel for nearly eight years.

For 30 years, Addie proved her mettle as the hugely successful publisher of Puerto Rico’s Hotel & Tourism Association hardcover tourism book titled Bienvenidos, with 200,000 copies placed in over 12,000 hotel rooms throughout Puerto Rico. She then started the softcover pocket guide Places to Go, publishing 300,000 copies annually of this guide that promoted all the islands of Puerto Rico.

Addie’s 30-year run as a Puerto Rico publisher ended with a successful sale to Verizon, who then bought out her publishing company and allowed her to follow her dream: a move to San Miguel de Allende. Soon after her arrival, Addie realized that San Miguel—like Puerto Rico-was bilingual tourism destination ripe for a guide to the local communities, events, cultural, history and shopping.

In 2011, Addie began publishing the local hardcover hotel book La Magia de Mexico, a bilingual guide to the region, focusing heavily on San Miguel de Allende, Queretaro and Guanajuato. It was with this book that your author first met Addie, serving as the lead writer for the book’s content focused on San Miguel. It was truly a labor of love for us both, writing and publishing about the pueblo we both called our new home!

Addie published La Magia de Mexico for three years before realizing that retirement was far more fun than meeting deadlines. She now enjoys investing time in entertaining and cooking—ask for her piñon recipe, the only one in San Miguel—and expanding her culinary horizons with additional cooking classes. Raised on the water, boating has always been a hobby but one she gladly forsake to enjoy the lifestyle of San Miguel.

Addie becomes the 8th member of SMCF’s Board of Directors, who includeDr. Salvador Eduardo Quiroz Saenz, Ma. Guadalupe Alvarez Brunel, Lic. Maria Teresa Garcia Dobarganes Barlow, Lic. Mary Ann Amparo Ramirez Garcia, Kathleen Mann, and Freddy Sargent York.It was an introduction by a friend of SMCF President Donna Foudray that led to Addie joining the board. As Addie admits, she likes the transparency of the SMCF financials and quickly agreed to support the organization

SMCF recently issued their fall grants—issued twice a year—to nonprofit organizations that submitted grant applications, and the SMCF board continues its mission of giving grants to those in need in our community. Their stories are heartwarming—I’ve experienced several personally—and to learn more about their mission, visit their web site at

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A shining new light at San Miguel Community Foundation

San Miguel Community Foundation announces the addition of Graciela Salazar, the newest member of their ever-growing Advocacy Board.

San Miguel Community Foundation announces the addition of Graciela Salazar, the newest member of their ever-growing Advocacy Board.

by Gregory Gunter

“We aim to be a dynamic group,” says President Donna Foudray of The San Miguel Community Foundation (SMCF), and expansion of their board is part of that dynamism.  And since the Foundation’s benefactors are the local community, they crave participation from locals who know the region’s needs best.

The Foundation-which provides grants to local non-profits and also serves as a contribution conduit for other A.C.’s needing 501(c)(3)-status donation deductibility–is thrilled to announce the addition of their newest Advocacy Board member, Graciela Salazar, a 23-year resident of San Miguel de Allende.

“Youth and education are my passions,” says Salazar, “and I hope to broaden our outreach with organizations sharing those goals.”  President Foudray notes that among their annual May grant recipients was Centro Infantil San Pablo, a preschool/kindergarten providing high quality education to underprivileged Mexican Children as a pilot program adapted from the U.S. Head Start model.

Salazar’s enthusiasm for education stems from her family background, where a university education was a given, encouraged and nurtured from a young age.  But she knows education is only a stepping stone to the ultimate goal: giving a student the business goals to maintain a self-sustaining career.

The Instituto San Miguelense, a private high school and university where 60 percent of the students are on scholarships, has benefited from her eight years experience teaching there, and she serves on the Board of the José Vasconselos Bilingual School.

Salazar enjoys helping place students in jobs, and as part of that goal, recently organized a local one-day conference as part of the mission of 10,000 Mujeres en México, a Goldman Sachs-sponsored global initiative fostering economic growth through a business training program for women.

“My husband and I moved here from Mexico City,” says Salazar, “partially with the goal of having more impact on our local community.”  And while she initially focused on raising her three children, Salazar quickly turned to the field of education here, adding, “It seems that living in San Miguel allows me to have a greater impact on my own community.”

Salazar joined the SMCF Advocacy Board at the invitation of fellow Board Member and independent business woman Guadalupe Alvarez, owner of Penzi, the highly successful wedding and event
planning company, but has also known Board Member Maritere Dobarganes for years.  The three create a powerhouse that compliments the existing board tremendously.

Learn more about the outreach of SMCF at their web site,, and spread the word: they are seeking more grant requests for their next grant funding program.

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